70s inspired outfits

Recently I was really inspired by 70s fashion – boho and hippie vibes, floral patterns, frill sleeves, western belts etc. so I filmed a short video showing my take on this trend. Some outfits could be great for festival and I think I might be wearing one or two very soon – I’m going to Poland for an Opener festival which is gonna be super fun! Can’t wait 😀

Take a look at video and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for yourself! xoxo

Black & silver

Hey friends!

Here’s my Sunday’s outfit featuring my new silver Reeboks and super cheap stuff from H&M basics/Primark 🙂

I love mixing up clothes and brands and I really think that you don’t need expensive stuff to look good. I love this outfit,it is so comfy but also looks cool and low key (at least in my opinion haha) 😉 enjoy! x