Spabox review

Some time ago I’ve been asked if I’d like to try some of the products from Czech website (Facebook: Spa box) and I finally tested them all out so I can give better review 🙂
Most of the products on the website are cruelty free and are ethically sourced from various European countries like Italy etc. This post maybe especially interesting for people living in Eastern Europe as it’s relatively close to Czech Republic and exchange rate can be very attractive for some countries – basically you get quality products for a good price! 🙂


I’ve been given 4 products: hand cream, bath bomb, shampoo bar and a soap. Let’s start!

Shampoo bar – very moisturizing, foams easily and smells nice. It’s quite heavy in consistency so works the best on dry but healthy hair. It reminds me a lot of Lush shampoo bars so it’s a great alternative for people who do not have access to/money for Lush products. My hair is really damaged from bleaching (I’ve gone for silver hair few months ago) so it needs very light products, however if you’ve got healthy, not very damaged hair this is gonna work great for you!


Honey hand cream – very light consistency, quickly dries on skin and moisturizes hands very well plus smells lovely! Good travel size and metal packaging makes it easy to pop in your bag and always have with you!


Mini milky bath bomb – very nice girly, pink candy/strawberry smell, foams lovely skin feels moisturized afterwards. Great little product if you fancy relaxing bath plus the price is SO good 🙂


Rose soap – couldn’t find a link 😦
Smells like roses, skin feels really soft and moisturized and it lasts for ages (even though it’s small)! I still have it and have been using it for couple of weeks now:)

All in all I think the website is worth having a look – you may need to translate some products though:) I saw that now they’ve introduced cruelty free, natural make up products as well so it’s very exciting! Very affordable prices and good quality is something that I’m always looking for in cruelty free cosmetics.
So feel free having a little browse and I hope this review helps someone! 🙂 xx


August Glossybox


Sooo I just received another Glossybox – turns out I forgot to deactivate my subscription :]
In this month’s box only one thing made me happy – the face cleansing brush. I was planning to buy something similar so that was handy. Other items – not so much.


If I’m completely honest August’s box is a bit disappointing and the items included aren’t satisfying. My face brush came in destroyed packaging and the brush itself has a multiple scratches and looks like a factory reject. Safe to say I won’t regret cancelling the subscription:)

  1. Mudmasky – face mask – sample size, yet to be tested 🙂
  2. Spa To You – facial brush. Very excited to test it! I will definitely report the results 🙂 P1000254
  3. Cowshed body lotion – sample/travel size. Not really my smell – too herbal but will try it out!P1000255
  4. MUA – eyeshadow palette. Full size product. Nicely pigmented and I like this brand!P1000256

First ever Glossybox

The other week I decided I fancy spending some £££ (very little:D) and restock my emptying bathroom shelves by getting totally random beauty products in a box – so here we are my first ever Glossybox. Actually first 2 boxes as they did 2 for 1 edition in July (which I believe wasn’t really free cause I paid £16.50 – so £6.50 for delivery? ummm don’t think so)
Anyways, take a look below what was in boxes and what I liked and disliked xx



(I only noticed after uploading, that one box is missing a hair brush – looks/works like Tangle Teezer but it’s a rip off obvs 🙂

So 1 box included:


Hawaiian 30SPF satin tan – it’s lovely and I really like it! great travel size 🙂

Konjac sponge – awesome totally love it and it’s really good for gentle exfoliation!

NailsInc nail polish in Kensington Gardens – hmm the RRP is £11 – in my opinion waste of money as it started coming off after 2 days, colour is nice but it felt like any cheap nail polish.

Lip tint Emite make up – described below in disliked 🙂

Detangling Hairon brush – it’s quite nice and pocket sized

2nd box included:


Hairon zero crease hair bands – well not a massive fan of these

Utan gradual face tan – this is great but gotta be really careful on hairline/eyebrows – I have yellow patches oops!

Icona Milano mascara – not a fan described below

Soft & Gentle deodorant hair minimise – I REALLY dislike this. Can’t stand the smell (very floral/cheap/alcoholy) and it doesn’t reduce the hair growth at all.

So the things I didn’t like include the mascara (that gave me massive panda eyes after few hours and it was VERY difficult to remove). It says waterproof so fair enough but it was a little bit too much that micellar water+eye make up remover barely handled it. It actually looked nice on the lashes but to be honest any mascara looks great on my lashes now after I did the treatment on them and they’re super long:) I don’t know this brand so I might research it a little bit.


and lip tint (which was totally useless for me – on cheeks it made me look like a clown, on the lips it dried them out+didn’t do anything). It smells nice, like roses and packaging is nice but naaah not a fan 🙂


Deodorant – just not for me. I’m not a fan of the smell, size and after a session at the gym I was super sweaty so for me sadly it didn’t do anything that was promised on the packaging.


Overall I liked most of the products only 3 of them were a big no-no’s for me so I think for the first experience with Glossybox it was quite successful one:) However I’m not sure if I will be repurchasing. The element of surprise is nice but most of the time you get things you would never buy/want, so for me as a one off was nice. Maybe I will try some other beauty boxes but time will show:)

Have a great day xoxo