Today is the day I decided to buy some make up products and just try it! 🙂 I’ve always been the natural type of girl, no make up, no fancy hair etc. Always worried about the health, quality of my complexion/hair, but life is too short to always be so cautious. I do love healthy lifestyle, eating well, gym and general taking care of myself, but I feel like I’ve taken it it too far being SO natural I was missing out all the fun of experimenting with different colours, styles and looks. I’ve spent 25 years of my life going make up free, natural blonde hair, moisturizing and using mascara only.
Maybe it’s time to try something new and finally get that candy floss pink hair 🙂

Have a great day everyone xoxo


Summer Hair Inspirations

So this is happening! I decided to dye my hair for summer, change something. I think it’s like a one of the small things from my lifetime bucket list – dye my hair pink (or blue or green or lavender:))

I’m looking to do that fairly soon, I cut my hair recently and it’s in a great condition, but I feel like it’s a bit… boring? I’ve been browsing instagram, pinterest, tumblr and the whole Google world to find some cool hairstyles/colours and OMG I can’t make up my mind. there’s SO MANY cool colours ❤

I decided to post some of my faves check them out xxx


rose gold